4k Weeks™ Weekly Planner


The 4K WEEKS Weekly Planner is our way of showing you that you can achieve almost anything if you focus your energies well.

We’ve collected all the wisdom, feedback, and suggestions from our community to create this weekly planner that will keep you focused on what’s truly important and help you achieve your goals. How?


Plan each week with your North Star Goals as a guide. This will help you choose the daily tasks that will truly move the needle. Then you just have to laser-focus on those every day.

Take action

You don’t need a perfect plan scheduled second by second for the next 3 years. You just need to start. Choose a direction, take action, and iterate as you go.

Build habits

Habits are essential to achieving any goal. That’s why we decided to integrate a simple but effective habit tracker designed to help you visualize your progress and keep you accountable.

Clear your mind

Writing down all the tasks you need to accomplish will help you clear your mind and allow your brain to be in a focused calm and creative state. Remember, “Your mind is for having ideas, not holding them.” – David Allen

Build momentum

Every day you will be completing meaningful tasks and habits. It will be hard at first, but you will start to build momentum in no time. This momentum will help you stay on track, stick to your plan and maintain motivation.
  • Printed on clear plexiglass
  • Dimensions: 24×18 in (45×60 cm)
  • Includes a hanging kit.
  • The pen is not included (Recommended pen thickness: 2-4mm)