The MAYU Swirl is a water pitcher that transforms tap or filtered water into crisp, refreshing, and rejuvenating water. Stay properly hydrated to enhance your physical performance, cognitive function, skin health, and weight management while preventing health issues.

✔️ Elevates the quality drinking water
✔️ Enhances the natural taste and texture of water
✔️ Helps you increase your daily water intake

✔️ Improves oxygenation levels for a refreshing experience
✔️ Rebalances and restructures the water to optimize its benefits
✔️ Eliminates Chlorine & Reduces Bacterial Buildup for safer water
✔️ 100% Grade-A Borosilicate Glass, Hand Made Base

✔️ Convenient USB Charging
✔️ Trusted by over 35,000 US Families