Ticktime Pomodoro Timer, Productivity Timer Cube, Hexagon Magnetic Flip Focus Timer, Mute & Adjustable Sound Alert, for Work, Office, ADHD


  • Flip to Start the Countdown. The pomodoro timer has 6 preset times countdown(5/15/25/30/45/60 minutes) which are activated by flipping the timer over, with the number facing up. Additionally, you can easily set custom countdown time by pressing the two buttons. Change the way you manage your time, and make every minute count.
  • Dual Timing Modes. The cube timer offers countdown and count-up modes. Apart from the 6 preset countdown and custom countdown, you can start count-up mode by placing the timer bottom up, and stop it by standing the screen up. The timer range is 00:01 to 99:59. Easy timer setup for maximum comfort.
  • Suitable for Various Scenarios. The digital timer is a perfect tool for office, work, meetings, kids, study, reading, workout, cooking, and more. Needless to say, this timer can be used in thousands of scenarios!
  • Pause & Resume, Mute. Vibration & Adjustable Sound Alert. Simply flip the desk timer over to the front screen to pause the countdown. To resume the countdown, just flip it again. Of course, you can also pause or resume the timer by pressing any button. Set the sound to your desired level of volume, and choose from mute, vibration, and adjustable sound alert. More options, more convenience.
  • Compact, Magnetic & Rechargeable. The timer size is 1.9×1.8×1.7 inch, fits in the palm of your hand, and weighs only 2.2 oz. It’s portable and fits in any pocket or bag. The timer has a magnetic base that can attach to the fridge or any metal surface, freeing your hands while tracking time. It is rechargeable, with a durable lithium battery and USB-C charging port, saving you the extra cost of buying batteries and making a step towards environmental protection.
  • Important Charging & Usage Notes. This timer cannot be used while charging and is not waterproof. Please charge for 12 hours before first use and 4 hours for subsequent uses. When charging complete, unplug the charging cable and press on/off button to turn on the timer.