Providing Unique Wellness Experiences

Who We Are


I am Prince Awhaitey, founder & CEO of Healthy Kingdom. 

As wellness providers, we take pride in helping people develop healthy habits to  achieve their goals. 

Join us for a wellness journey unlike any other!

What We Do

At Healthy Kingdom, we provide unique wellness experiences for corporations, supply personalized coconuts for events, and host life-changing wellness retreats.

Choose your own adventure with us below . . .


Take your event to new heights with personalized coconuts, a unique and refreshing way to highlight your brand. Create a unique experience, turning your product into a cherished souvenir.


We strive to help communities access coconuts by helping participants in food assistance programs. Through partnerships with the USDA, we ensure everyone can enjoy fresh coconuts.


Embark on a transformative journey with our wellness retreats. Immerse yourself in magical settings worldwide, gaining cooking skills and cultural experiences to rejuvenate mind, body, and soul.


Boost productivity, focus, and satisfaction with our corporate wellness programs, prioritizing your team's well-being. Invest in their health to stay competitive in the business world. Checkout out our page for more info.

Our Services

Customized Coconuts

We offer a turn-key business solution on wheels designed to simplify event hosting. If you're a sociable individual who would love to host events with custom coconuts, we've got you covered. Our package includes everything you need: coconuts, a coconut bike, a website, and marketing services for your peace of mind. Book a call with us today to learn more about this exciting opportunity!

Wellness Program

Join our corporate wellness program to tackle nutrition, stress, and activity level challenges. Our aim is to ensure your staff embrace a healthier lifestyle, boosting their energy and productivity. We offer measurable, result-driven challenges to motivate your team effectively. Contact us for a discovery call to customize the perfect program for your needs.

Experiential Travel

We provide opportunities for achievers to explore the world through cooking and coconut tours and workshops. Join us at our wellness retreats for a hands-on and one-of-a-kind wellness experience. With a focus on cooking, our goal is to empower you with new culinary skills and the practical application of mise en place in your everyday life.

Our Coconut Lovers