Our Story

Early Life in Ghana (Childhood)

Prince Awhaitey grew up in Ghana, West Africa, where coconuts were a big part of his culture. Watch him on the beach, eagerly searching for coconuts.

College Years:

During his college years, Prince discovers the benefits of coconuts as a hangover remedy.

Entrepreneurial Endeavors:

Motivated by his newfound appreciation for coconuts, Prince decides to start a juice business.
He pitches his business idea to investors, aiming to capitalize on the popularity and health benefits of coconut-based products.

Feedback from Family and Friends:

Prince’s family and friends provide feedback, suggesting that he focuses on utilizing coconuts in his business endeavors due to their cultural significance and potential market appeal.

Graduate School Pursuit:

With a desire to delve deeper into nutrition and health, Prince enrolls in graduate school.
There, he learns about the superfood qualities of coconuts and is surprised to discover that they are rarely consumed by Americans despite their nutritional benefit

At Present:

Prince is currently on a journey on working with corporations by supplying custom coconuts for them to use as a promotional giveaway for their events.